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We have resided at Kalara College for the last 6 months and believe that management is wonderful and professional. Our obvious first choice will be Kalara College in future. As our degree comes to an end and we will be moving back home, we want to share with you that you guys will be greatly missed!

Thank you!

Jahan, Zaq and Mohyuddin

I am really thankful to you and the Kalara College family, I really had a great time at Kalara College and I really enjoyed the meals. I will keep promoting the college to friends studying at UOW.

Thank you so much!


I am a female Italian international student and I have been at Kalara College for the last semester. I am only leaving as my exchange has been completed. I felt very safe staying at the college and having other international students around made me feel like I was living in a big family just like home.

I also enjoyed the meals especially the Italian ones- More spaghetti per favore!


This accommodation is perfect in each and every way for a Uni student. It's centrally located in the heart of Wollongong's CBD and just a 5 min walk from the free shuttle bus stop. The 'homely' feel is what makes Kalara so different. It provides you with the convenience of home cooked food and a chance to make a lot of amazing friends from different nationalities! The rooms are super neat with fast Wi-Fi. On top of that, the hosts are really caring and fun people. I recommend Kalara to anyone who's torn between a uni accommodation and a private accommodation, as Kalara provides a blend of both with a lot of convenient facilities

V. Seth

A very clean, tidy, comfy private student accommodation in the CBD. You will be having everything you do need in any accommodations. Fast internet and Netflix. If you are a busy person, then no need to worry about cooking or cleaning. Moreover, a great variety of fresh-made meals. House manager and owner are very nice. Also a good environment for both study and chilling with your house mates. I really recommend to all students

S. Hamzawy

A clean and quiet environment with a fun living space for students. You dont have to think of anything as meals, cooking and cleaning is done for you. Meals are a great variety and freshly made. CBD location and off street parking is very convenient and so close to the beach. I would recommend to all students.

A. Slattery

After close to a month of 'house' hunting, I finally found a 'home' away from home instead. The hosts strive to ensure that the residents are not just comfortable but happy in every way possible. In any case happiness doesn't come hard with the amazing community and vibe that 'Kalara' fosters. The convenient yet laid back location is a bonus. Recommend 'Kalara College' to anyone else looking for a home over a house.

Denver Wickremasinghe

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