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What's a Cookie?

Whenever you visit a website, your device downloads a number of small files called "cookies." The cookie lets the website recognise your particular device. This means it can remember your preferences, you can navigate between pages more quickly, as well as do a number of other useful things. If you'd like more detailed information about cookies, you can find everything you'll need to know over at

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies on our website to improve your experience when visiting it. You will only ever find First-party cookies on our site. That is to say, cookies that we've placed on our website ourselves for a very good reason. Third-party cookies, which are cookies placed on a website by someone who doesn't own or operate it, have no place here. The reasons that we use specific cookies depends on what they can do. We use:

  1. Essential Cookies These do exactly what they sound like. Essential cookies make sure that our website functions correctly. So it "knows" whether you're logged in or logged , for example.
  2. Analytical Cookies Analytical cookies are there to help us improve how our website functions. They collect strictly anonymous aggregated data which doesn't link back to you. We can then look at this data to see things like which pages most people visit for the longest length of time. Or when error messages pop up for most people. We use analytical cookies made by Google Analytics - these cookies collect information like the length of time users spend on particular pages, which pages they visit, and which websites they visit before and afterwards. You can easily opt out of allowing Google Analytics to collect your information here. We place all of these cookies ourselves. And though they do send data back to the group in question so that they can compile an aggregate report and send it to us, these reports are never shared with other parties.
  3. Targeting/Advertising Cookies – Google Adwords We use 3rd party remarketing cookies to collect anonymous data about your website browsing behavior, so we can serve you better, more personalised and adequate ads in 3rd party websites across all your devices, exactly for the things that you are interested in.

Want to opt out? Easy.

You can opt out of Google's use of cookies by changing Google's Ads Settings here. You can opt out of many other vendor's cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

How Long Do Cookies Stay On Your Device?

There are two different types of cookies in terms of the time they remain on your device, and we use them both:

  1. Persistent cookies. This type of cookie remains on your device until you delete them, either manually or automatically.
  2. Session cookies. These only last for a single session. When you close your browser, they get deleted.

How to Refuse Cookies

You can usually find information about how to stop your browser from accepting cookies in your specific browser's Help menu. You can also often get your browser to notify you when it's receiving a new cookie, or disable use of cookies completely. If you're stuck, try consulting for more information about all things cookie. Be aware that by refusing cookies you'll most likely see any preferences you've set on our site be lost, as well as see the site not work as well. By setting your browser to refuse cookies from our site, you may also set it to refuse cookies from all websites.

Updating Our Cookie Policy

This is something we do periodically. You can tell the last time we did this from the handy "last updated" figure here: Last updated: 30th October 2019

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this Cookies Policy. You can reach us in any of the usual ways by giving us a call or email us.

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