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by Sally L. Watkins Monday March 9th 2020

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What Insurances you may need while studying in Australia

Once you sign-up for your OSHC, there are other types of insurance which you may also need.

Let's take a look at the types of Insurance Policies we recommend for students

  • Private Health Insurance
  • Personal Property Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

Required as part of your Uni acceptance application, students must have Overseas Student Health Cover for the duration of your studies in Australia.. The Department of Home Affairs also requires your dependents eg, a spouse and/or children, to also obtain OSHC.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) covers your visits to a doctor, some hospital treatments, ambulance cover and limited medicines.

So additional health insurance, although optional, is neccessary incase of illness.

Official OSHC insurers offer a range of different OSHC products from a basic product which covers only the compulsory minimum services to comprehensive products which include extra services. You can learn more about OSHC here.

Private Health Insurance

If you want to purchase private health insurance to cover items that the OSHC does not cover, then check out this list of the providers at You can then compare Benefits and costs across a range of private health insurers.

Private Health Insurance gives you coverage for

  • your own doctor if in a public hospital
  • covers all or part of private hospital costs
  • covers all or part of specialists fees
  • covers all or part of preventive health services eg, chiropractic, dental, acupuncture, etc

Costs and eligibility can vary greatly between private health funds for Members, so when buying health insurance take care to ensure that the insurance policies cover what suitable for your needs. There are many extras you may not need and will only add to the cost of a policy.

Personal Property Insurance

If you are renting an apartment or house, building insurance is not necessary as its the responsibility of the owner. Same as living in Off-Campus Accommodation or Uni accommodation.

But you will need insurance for your belongings. It's worth considering taking out insurance for valuable items that you can't afford to replace easily if something happened to them.

If you are in a fully furnished accommodation, then you only need personal insurance covering personal items like

  • clothing & jewellery
  • phones, laptops/computers
  • anything you consider value.

Many people take out bicycle insurance these days as bikes can be quite expensive.

Vehicle Insurance

When purchasing a car or motorbike, you will need insurance at the time of purchase.

In NSW, you must purchase Compulsory Third Party insurance which covers you for personal injuries caused to someone else in an accident.

Other states or territories in Australia have different requirements concerning compulsory insurance - check with the relevant government agency in your state or territory to find out what insurance you might need.

You can also choose to purchase Comprehensive vehicle insurance. This will cover your vehicle for accidental or malicious damage, theft, fire, flood or storm.

Once again, make sure you research your options and consider what your specific insurance needs are before you purchase vehicle insurance.

Travel Insurance

Australia has a very reliable travel industry, but cancelled flights, lost luggage or other unplanned issues can arise. If you are travelling with valuables or are on a travel schedule you have to meet; travel insurance can help cover any mishaps or missed flights.

You can arrange travel insurance through a range of providers, including travel insurance companies, airlines and travel booking companies.

Some credit cards companies offer free travel insurance if you pay for the travel on your credit card.

Stay tuned for more Living In Australia - Student Tips and Insights

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