Holiday Cancelled - How To Get Your Money Back

by Galena Stavreva Wednesday February 19th 2020

Holiday Cancelled - How To Get Your Money Back-how-to-get-refunds-travel-03

It's creeping closer and closer, and you couldn't be more excited. The flights are booked, the hotel confirmed, and you're dreaming of relaxing on the beach with your friends, away from all the homework. Pure bliss on the horizon. Then suddenly, disaster hits. An unforeseen emergency erupts, and you have to cancel your trip. Not what you had in mind when booking your holiday and the worst part, it's non-refundable. Or is it?

This holiday scenario happens more often than you think. What's more frustrating is that you not only have to cancel your trip, but you have also lost your money.

Students don't have a lot of money, right? So every lost dollar hurts!

But, it doesn't have to be this way. Just because your holiday is non-refundable, doesn't mean you have to lose out completely. In fact, with the, you can turn the loss into your gain.

Refund the non-refundable?

The Solution - has created an online platform designed to prevent students from losing out on trips they've paid for by connecting them with buyers who are looking for a budget-friendly holiday.

Flights, hotels and full holiday packages, buyers and sellers alike are brought together via the platform. Buyers get to purchase a holiday at a discounted rate while the seller receives a refund - at least a portion if not all of what they originally paid for their trip.

As a trusted platform, buyers and sellers are also protected from fraudulent activities resulting in safe and secure transactions leave both parties satisfied with SpareFare acting as the middleman. Perfect!

Cannot go on your trip? Sell it on and get your money back

You can sell your flight, hotel or hostel booking and package holiday. The only prerequisite – you mist be able to change the name of the person for the reservation and effectively transfer the booking to your buyer.

They will pay you for the holiday, which is how you get your money back. You may not be able to recover everything you paid, but even if you get half of your money, that still better than losing everything!

For flights, you can check whether your airline allows passenger name changes. If it does, it will charge you a name change fee for the service. The change itself takes 1 minute and is done through your online account with the airline.

Hotel reservations are easier to transfer. Hotels do not charge a commission for name changes. If you booked through the likes of or Expedia, you can change the name of the main guest under the reservation from your online account. If you booked with the hotel directly, you will probably need to call reception to give them the name of the person who is going in your place.

For package holidays which you have purchased through a travel agent, you need to contact your agent directly. They will tell you if you can change the name of the passenger and whether it will cost you anything.

Just because your holiday has been cancelled, doesn't mean you have to lose out completely!

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