Getting Your Student Travel Concessions - Opal Card

by Vince Thursday December 19th 2019

Getting Your Student Travel Concessions - Opal Card-Students-Opal-Card

What is an Opal card?

Opal cards are available to students wishing to use the public transport system in NSW and can be used on trains, buses, light rail and ferries. By 'tapping' on and off at stops, students can use a concessional or adult opal card. To be eligible for a concessional card, you need to carry your student ID card at all times as proof of identity.

The Concession Opal card gives students access to fares at half the price of the Adult travel on transport services including:

  • All NSW TrainLink Intercity services
  • All buses in the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter and Illawarra
  • The Stockton Ferry in Newcastle
  • All Sydney Trains
  • Sydney Light rail
  • All buses in Sydney
  • All Sydney Ferries

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to apply for a Concession Opal card if you are studying full time at university, TAFE or private college. International students are only entitled to concession fares when their study is fully funded by specified the Australian Government. Read more here

Travelling outside the Opal network?

The Transport Concession Entitlement Card allows eligible students to prove their eligibility to travel on a concession fare outside the Opal network NSW TrainLink Regional services and many rural and regional buses.

How to apply

Step 1

You will be required to give your consent to your educational institution for eligibility to Transport for NSW before you can apply for your Concession Opal card.

Eligible students travelling outside the Opal zone will also need to apply for a Transport Concession Entitlement Card to prove your eligibility to travel on a concession fare. You can apply for a Transport Concession Entitlement Card if you are attending an approved institution.

Step 2

Please allow two business days for your information to reach Transport for NSW.

You can then apply for your Concession Opal card by visiting or calling 13 67 25 (13 OPAL).

Ensure that you have your student enrolment information to hand when applying and please enter your details, especially your name, exactly as they appear on your UNSW record.

Step 3

Your card will be posted to your mailing address (5-7 days after your application is completed).

You will need to activate your card when it arrives.

What is I Lost my Card

If you lose your opal card, simply apply for a replacement via the Opal website.

Opal contact

If you have specific questions about your Opal card, please refer to the Opal FAQs or contact NSW Transport directly.


Vince is a Sydney Resident, working with an International Student and Traveller organisation and loves travel, art, good things that make life better!

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